Technical Supervisors

By the execution of tasks we represent the investor in negotiations with construction contractors and other participants of a construction in technical matters. Already during the project documentation preparation, we cooperate with an architect on suitability of the designed material, technical solution and feasibility of construction details. During the execution of a construction work we ensure thorough quality checks on the work performed and compliance with selected technological procedures and time schedule.


The benefits of technical supervision of constructions by the company SAFEREX s.r.o.:

  • High expertise of specialists in the area.
  • Reduction of time of a builder.
  • Prevention of fundamental errors in the project or execution of a work and their subsequent removal which is usually complicated or impossible.
  • Prevention of disputes between the investor and contractors concerning identified defects in the work.
  • Links between the activities of multiple areas, for example requirements for OSH and fire protection, etc.

Basic activities performed during the execution of tasks of Technical supervision of a construction:

    • Ensuring recorded handover of a construction site to the main contractor, including the minutes of a handover.
    • Convening and conducting regular inspection days of a construction in order to coordinate ongoing work.
    • Participation in all meetings with government bodies and relevant authorities involved in administrative proceedings.
    • Regular reporting on all serious circumstances related to the construction.
    • Check on respecting the contractor’s and his subcontractors’ obligations during the construction, set out by applicable building regulations.
    • Check on compliance with technological and working procedures to which the contractor agreed in the contract.
    • Check on the progress of work according to the time schedule of construction and notifying the contractor of non-compliance with deadlines, including the preparation of documents to apply sanctions.
    • Regular checks on those parts of supplies which will be covered in the next course of work, including the record of the result of the check into a building report.
    • Check on the compliance of the work being performed with agreed project documentation.
    • Cooperation with a designer providing author’s supervision when ensuring the compliance of performed supplies and work with the project documentation.
    • Check on the factual and exact price of valuation documents and invoices, their compliance with conditions of a service agreement and an itemized budget.
    • Preparation of documents for a handover and acceptance of a completed construction or its parts.
    • Check on submitted documents and documentation of the actual completion of a construction.
    • Conduction of the final procedure on handover and acceptance of a completed work, including taking the minutes.
    • Check on correcting defects and unfinished work found out during handover and acceptance of a work in agreed deadlines.
    • Ensuring communication and checking on the contractor in case of complaints.
    • Collaboration with the investor in case of litigation.

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