Revisions and Checks of 

 Technical Equipment


We ensure execution of regular revisions and checks of technical equipment based on individual orders or we are able to create a system and take over the whole agenda of revisions and checks of technical equipment at a client’s place using software for the support of management system RISCON.


The benefits of the solution to Occupational Safety and Health by the company SAFEREX s.r.o.:

  • We keep a proactive and personal approach, whatever we can, we do in place of a client.
  • To support the management system, we use the software RISCON for assistance.
  • Reports from the executed revisions and checks are processed in a clear manner.
  • Reduction of the burden on the employer and provision of full services.

We provide revisions and checks mainly on the following technical equipment:

  • Revisions of electrical equipment
    • revision of electrical installations
    • revision of lighting
    • revision of lightning conductors
    • revision of electrical appliances
    • revision of manual electrical tools
    • revision of machinery
    • revision of transformer stations
  • Revisions of gas equipment
    • revision of gas pipelines
    • revision of boilers
    • expert inspections of boiler rooms
    • checks of gas leak detectors
    • service inspections of boilers 
  • Revisions of fixed pressure vessels
    • provisional revisions of pressure vessels
    • internal revisions of pressure vessels
    • leak tests of pressure vessels
    • pressure tests of vessels
  • Revisions of lifting equipment
    • inspections and revisions of cranes and other lifting equipment 
    • revisions of slings and gripping devices
  • Checks on fire safety equipment and material devices of fire protection
    • checks on fire extinguishers
    • checks on hydrants
    • checks on dry risers
    • checks on fire shutters
    • checks on fire dampers
    • checks on fire seals
  • Revision of chimneys
    • check and cleaning of flues
    • revisions of flues
  • Revisions of electric fire alarm system, electronic security alarm
    • check on operability and function test of electric fire alarm system
    • check on operability of electronic security alarm
  • Checks on devices for elevating a place of work
    • checks on ladders
    • checks on stepladders
  • Checks on storage devices
    • checks on racks
  • Checks on personal protective equipment for work at heights and against falls from a height
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