Professional Qualification for

Working on Railways

We provide basic qualification for entering railways, preparation for professional exams for team leaders for work on railways, for activities of train sequencing management and shunting performance and management. We perform regular trainings and professional workshops to maintain the professional qualification. All activities are performed in compliance with regulation Zam 1 of Správa železnic as amended.


Our company is accredited by Drážní úřad (Rail Authority) for the following activities:

  • Verification of professional qualification and knowledge of persons ensuring the operation of a railway or rail transport, preparation for professional exams and subsequent regular training in that scope
    • ensuring safe operation of rail transport and rail vehicles,
    • ensuring safe operation of national and regional railways, its maintenance, repair and check,
    • ensuring safe operation of local railways and siding, their maintenance, repair and check
  • Initial training to acquire basic qualification for entering railways, regular trainings for maintaining basic qualification
    • Initial training VŠ-00
    • Initial training VŠ-01
  • Preparation for professional exams, regular trainings and professional workshops to maintain professional qualifications
  • K–03
  • K-05/1
  • K-05/2
  • K-06
  • K-07
  • KMB-10
  • KMB-10/1
  • M-02
  • B-02
  • D-04

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