The most valuable capital of the company is its employees and therefore we have long focused on education of the employees (but also self-employed persons) not only in the field of occupational safety and health and fire protection, but also in other key areas. The aim is to provide services of efficient development of human resources and improve knowledge and skills and thus enhance the competitiveness of a company.


We provide education mainly in the following areas:

  • Occupational Safety and Health
    • Occupational safety and health training with relation to the obligations of self-employed persons.
    • Occupational safety and health training of managers.
    • Occupational safety and health training of employees.
    • Working at heights training.
    • Training for drivers of passenger vehicles (company vehicles).
    • Training of forklift operators.
    • Training of crane operators.
    • Training of binders.
    • Training of chainsaw work.
    • Training of brush cutter operators.
    • Training of core shooting machines operators.
    • Training of gas equipment operators.
    • Training of pressure equipment and pressure vessels operators.
    • Training of handling technical gas cylinders.
  • Fire Protection
    • Fire protection training with relation to the obligations of self-employed persons.
    • Fire protection training for managers.
    • Fire protection training for employees.
    • Training of fire patrol and fire prevention technicians.
    • Training of fire-fighting and fire-fighting techniques.
  • First Aid and Health education
    • First aid training for employees
    • Training for providing first aid – simulation of an injury and assessment of a reaction of employees. 
  • Business Ecology
    • Education of employees in the area of major-accident prevention and emergency preparedness.
    • Training of responsible employees in compliance with the law on waste and waste management.
    • Training of handling chemical substances and mixtures.
    • RID training in compliance with Regulations Concerning the International Transport of Dangerous Goods.
    • Training in compliance with ADR agreement.
  • Professional trainings and workshops for suppliers in compliance with regulation Zam 1 of Správa železnic, státní organizace (Railway Administration)
    • Initial training VŠ 00
    • Initial training VŠ 01
    • K–03
    • K-05/1
    • K-05/2
    • K-06
    • KMB-10
    • KMB 10/1
    • M-02
    • B-02
    • D-04
  • Welder exams
    • in compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9606-1.
  • Labour law
    • Labour law basics.
    • Labour law for HR officers.
    • Labour law for occupational safety specialists and managers.
  • Preparation for an exam of professional qualification
    • of Risk prevention professionally qualified persons in compliance with law No. 309/2006 Sb.
    • of an OSH Coordinator in compliance with law No. 309/2006 Sb.
    •  of a Fire Protection technician in compliance with law No. 133/1985 Sb. 

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