Construction Site OCH


Execution of tasks of an OSH coordinator is designated for construction contracting authorities (builders, investors) who are obliged by law (No. 309/2006 Sb.) to appoint a construction site OSH coordinator.  We ensure the execution of tasks by a construction site OSH coordinator both during a project preparation stage and a construction stage, including the OSH Plan and Notice of commencement of work.


The benefits of the solution to Occupational Safety and Health by the company SAFEREX s.r.o.:

  • We keep a proactive and personal approach, whatever we can, we do in place of a client.
  • We make use of long-term experience in ensuring occupational safety and health during construction work.
  • We process OSH plans tailored to projects. Clients do not buy a general and universal OSH plan.

Scope of the provided service:

During the preparation of a construction:

  • Processing of the overview of legal regulations relating to a construction and information on occupational safety risks which can arise during the construction.
  • Cooperation with the designer responsible for the construction, providing professional consultations, suggestions and recommendations.
  • Processing of an occupational safety and health plan for construction work so that it contains all the information on OSH and procedures adequate to a nature of the construction.
  • Processing of occupational safety and health requirements for construction maintenance work.

During the construction:

  • Coordination of cooperation of the contractors when applying measures to ensure occupational safety and health.
  • Organization and management of regular coordination meetings on the occupational safety of the construction and performance of inspections of the construction.
  • Recommendation of technical, technological and organizational solutions to ensure occupational safety and health with regards to material and temporal links of the construction.
  • Informing all contractors concerned about the safety and health risks which arose in the course of working on the construction site.
  • Monitoring of the performance of work with a focus on following the legal and other regulations in the field of occupational safety and health and a prepared plan.
  • Notifying contractors of deficiencies in applying occupational safety requirements at a contractor’s workplace.
  • Requiring and arranging solutions when occupational safety regulations and OSH plan are violated.
  • Notifying a construction investor about a violation of obligations in relation to occupational safety by a contractor (unless immediate measures have been taken by a contractor).
  • Cooperation with employees’ representatives for OSH or trade union.
  • Cooperation with a person carrying out technical supervision of a builder.

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